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Party Rentals

At ARISTA Catering, we want your event or party to be perfect.  When your party is catered by Arista, one option is to have us provide the party rentals out of our own elegant inventory of serving ware and supplies.  We can also link you to our preferred event rental vendors and assist you in setting up your order so you can pay them directly.  Ask your event planner for details on availability and pricing.  A price guide is also listed below.  


Dinner Plate 10.5"     $0.80

Salad Plate               $0.80

Dessert Plate           $.080

Bread Plate              $.080

Sugar                        $1.00

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Dinner Fork      $0.60

Salad Fork        $0.60

Dessert Fork     $0.60

Dinner Knife      $0.60

Steak Knife       $1.00

Butter Knife      $0.60 

Soup Spoon      $0.60

Tea Spoon         $0.60

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Banquet Goblet Glass     $0.80

Red Wine Glass               $0.80

White Wine Glass            $0.80

Hi-Ball Glass                    $0.80

Low-Ball Glass                 $0.80

Cup and Saucer               $1.25 

Champagne Flute Glass  $0.80

Martini Glass                   $0.90  

Coffee Carafe                 $3.50

Water Pitcher                  $2.00

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Napkins Polyester   $1.50

Table Linens                 

42" Square                  $7.00

60" Square                  $6.00

85" Square Black        $11.00

85" Square Ivory         $9.00

85" Square White        $9.00

60" x 120                      $9.00

108" Round                  $10.00

120" Round                  $25.00

132" Round                  $27.00

Chair Covers                $3.25

Linen Sash                    $2.95

Table Runner                $10.00

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