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Below are ARISTA Catering's Most Popular Services

Bellevue wedding catering

Make your Seattle or Bellevue area wedding catering beautiful, delicious and stress free.  ARISTA Catering's wedding coordinator will help you with every detail at no fee.  You are required to come in for a free tasting though before we can cater your event.

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 Memorial & Funeral Catering Arista

Planning a memorial catering can be easier than you think.  While these type of events are always last minute, we do them every week.  Call us and we can help you answer many of your questions and put your plan into action quickly if necessary. 

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Auction catering Bellevue, Seattle

For non-profit organizations, the fundraising auction catering is the best way that ARISTA can help your organization.  Delicious food at low prices, on time with an in kind donation to your cause will make your interaction with ARISTA Catering fruitful.  

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Mobile bar service catering Seattle

Whether you want a hosted bar with the Northwest's best beer and wine , or a no host bar with a full line of spirits and professional mixologists, ARISTA bar services is the most affordable way to make you bar catering event a success. 

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Vegan catering seattle

Rely on ARISTA Catering to help you tailor a gluten free catering menu or a vegan catering menu.  Your guests with special dietary needs will enjoy the catering and stay within their goals.  ARISTA provides the best gluten free catering and or the best vegan catering in the Seattle, Bellevue area.   

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Holiday Catering Menu

This year, make your holiday party something special with ARISTA Catering's holiday menus.  Whether it is a team holiday luncheon or a company holiday party, call ARISTA for the best Christmas season catering options.   Check our Holiday Catering page also for Thanksgiving catering in Seattle, Bellevue area. 

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Bellevue picnic catering

Are you planning a company picnic catering in Seattle or Bellevue area? Perhaps a family reunion catering or an impromptu beach picnic. We can help you from the most traditional and simple menu to the most custom and elaborate Picnic Catering.   

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craft service catering Seattle

Welcome to Seattle's most affordable craft services catering and stagecraft catering company. When it comes to stagecraft catering, we can feed your crew delicious food and keep you on time and under budget. Whether your location is in Seattle or far off in the beautiful wilderness of Washington, ARISTA provide you onsite cooks or express delivery to meet your needs

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Aviation catering Seattle

Planning in-flight meals for a small or large cabin aircraft requires attention to detail.  Perhaps you are transporting a sports team with special dietary restrictions.  ARISTA aviation catering provides in flight meals for all of Seattle's airports (BFI, SEA, TCM, BLI, PAE, ELN) and can provide  last minute catering as well.  

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graduation party catering

Make your graduation party memorable with delicious catering with Arista.  Whether you are planning an elegant tea party or an authentic Luau graduation party, Arista Catering in Seattle can meet your needs.     

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corporate catering Seattle Arista

Whether you are looking for breakfast catering, lunch catering, all day training seminar caterings ARISTA Catering has the experience and qualifications.  We also have a separate division that specializes in corporate cafe and cafeteria management in the Seattle, Bellevue areas.   

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