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BBQ Catering with ARISTA!

Arista BBQ Catering is the best tasting bbq catering in the Seattle area. Live onsite BBQ catering tastes the best. Arista Catering's affordable BBQ Catering menu is shown above.  

We all have great memories of our family bbq here in Seattle.  The BBQ  atmosphere is very relaxing and a great opportunity to make friends and be social. BBQ Catering by ARISTA focuses on helping you bring this relaxed atmosphere and great food to your favorite large group.  Whether you are planning an event to mark one of life's milestones or a simple company picnic catering, ARISTA can help.  

We provide:

  • BBQ Wedding Catering
  • BBQ for company picnics
  • Business Lunch BBQCatering
  • 4th of July BBQ Catering
  • Holiday Party BBQ Catering
  • Memorial Service BBQ Catering
  • Graduation Party BBQ Catering
  •  Family Reunion Picnic BBQ Catering
  • Highschool Reunion  BBQ Catering
  • Wedding reception bbq catering
  • Last minute bbq catering

What if ARISTA BBQ Catering like?

Arista cooks our bbq food fresh for every event.  Our applewood smoker is one of the finest and can serve our hickory flavored meats to large groups of up to 1000 people.  

We prepare everything from scratch for that day. We come in at 4:00am every single

day to prepare our food for that particular day. Slow cooking in apple smoke gives the very best flavor in BBQ Catering.  It is the only way to do it.  You will enjoy our high standards for tender and tasty bbq catering.  Call us and let us make your event a great one.  

Live BBQ at your site

Would you like us to bring the big BBQ pit to your venue for live bbq?  

We are happy to bring our best to you.  We will provide the appropriate size bbq pit for your guest count.  We will also provide 2-6  Experienced Pitmasters depending on the size of the group.  This team will treat you to classic NW BBQ at its very best.   With this service, we provide the grills, the utensils, serving items and all of the menu items and we cook onsite.  

We want you to keep the leftovers, so at the end of our serving period, we will clean up everything and leave you with pans of all leftover food (proper food storage after we leave is up to youand should be discussed in advance). 

We require a minimum dollar amount of $2000 (food plus pit management fee) to be eligible for Full Service.  Our pit management fee associated with this full service starts at $900 and goes up based on the guest count, the location and duration of the event.   Gratuity is not included; it is up to the customer’s discretion. 

Semi-Serve BBQ Catering

Perhaps you would like to enjoy full service catering with a delicious bbq menu, but without the onsite bbq display.  

With this style of bbq catering service (Semi Serve) Arista's team will bring hot, and delicious food that has been barbecued at our facility, with all of the fixin’s to your location. 

ARISTA will  set up one of our our Northwest BBQ  buffets.  We will also provide the linens, flatware, plates and stemware if you would like for a small charge.  

Perhaps you are having and informal event.  In that case we wil provide disposable compostable service wares, napkins and buffet linens for free.  We can even provide the buffet tables for a fee if you don't have them. 

After the event or at an agreed upon time, ARISTA will  wrap up the leftovers, break down the buffet and clean up. The number of servers and chefs is determined by the number of guests, location and menu.  The gratuity is up to you and is not mandated in the invoice.  We trust your discretion and you can tip the crew directly.   

Drop Off BBQ Catering

Would you rather us just bring the delicious and fresh ARISTA BBQ Catering food and nothing else? 

At ARISTA, we will be happy to bring the delicious bbq buffet to you, set it up and then leave.  It will save you money. 

We will also provide you with hot food holders that will last up to two hours.  Of course, all disposable service wares are included.  

There is a 20 person minimum or a food minimum of $300,  as well as a minimum $25 Delivery Fee associated with this service. The Delivery Fee is determined by the delivery location. Gratuity is not included in the bill and you are welcome to tip the set up team if you feel it is warrented.   

FAQ Arista BBQ Catering - all about the smoke

About our Food

Slow and low is the best way to describe our bbq cooking.  Your brisket will take 14 hours to bring to perfection.  We are very selective in choosing our ingredients.  In fact, we still had select our Black Angus beef brisket.  We use locally sourced, homemade Polish sausage, hand-picked turkey breasts, chicken,  pork ribs, pork butt, and ham.  Most importantly, we only use wild fresh salmon in our bbq catering.  

The wood that we use in our smoker is  a mixture of Washington Apple and Washington Cherrywood,  and Oak. The reason our chicken and turkey are so delicious and tender is that we brine them for 8-10 hours. Granted, the low and slow method of bbq catering cooking requires a lot more time, but you will find the result worth it. The meat is tender and super juicy.  We also derive a lot of our flavor from our proprietary rubs and sauces which are selected and matched to each meat's flavor profile.  

The side orders for ARISTA BBQ Catering are delicious.  Some of our customer favorites are:

Char grilled asparagus, 

Garlic grilled Texas Toast, 

Roasted Red Potatoes

Char grilled asparagus

Greek Salad 

Corn on the Cob

Potato Salad,

Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw

Au Gratin Potatoes

ARISTA Baked Beans

Fresh Fruit Salad 

Hawaiian Roll and Butter

Baked Potato w/Works, 

Jalopeno Macaroni and Cheese

Cornbread with Honey and Butter

Your ARISTA BBQ Catering experience will not be complete without including some of our amazing deserts. Especially delicious is the pecan pie that even Grandma will love.  

Is my order guaranteed to be delicious?

Absolutely!  ARISTA  stands by the quality and taste of our bbq catering or you get your money back.  One great way to know what you will be getting is to come to our Seattle catering kitchen for a free tasting. If you are not  satisfied with any part of your bbq catering event,  we will give you your money back.

What type of wood does ARISTA  use to smoke your meats?

We prefer to use Washington Applewood or Cherrywood.  When we are looking for a stronger taste, we go with  Oak to make our barbecue. We find that Washington Oak permeates our pork, beef, sausage and poultry with a very unique  smoke flavor. Hickory wood is a more acrid and bitter; fruit woodsare nice and mild with a delicate smoky balance. 

How do I know you will do a good job?  The first thing that you can do to put yourself at ease with our service is to read our customer reviews online and our customer testimonials.  The second way to learn about our product is to try our food.   If you or your committee haven' t tried our food, please schedule a complimentary tasting with us.   Please call ARISTA Catering at 206-250-5143 to set a bbq tasting. 

Do you have any minimums for catering?

Our drop off catering packages have a  minimum of 15 guests. Our Full Service Catering requires you order for a minimum of 50 guests.

On site BBQ Catering by ARISTA has a minimum 75 guests: for onsite bbq grilling,  we send out a Grill Master and bbq the food at your venue. The smoke fills the area  and the smell of BBQ makes everyone's mouth water. There are additional charges for this service. Also, you will want to get your reservation in early for weekend dates in the summer because we have limited availablity.  

Do you deliver to public parks or beaches?

We are happy to deliver to your event at public park or beach venue and we are fully self contained so we won't always need a kitchen.  Please review the site with your ARISTA Catering consultant before you book the venue.

How many ARISTA staff members are required for a BBQ or Pig Roast?  Usually, we send 2-4 crew members,  but it depends on the size and location of the event.  Depends on your final number but typically 2-4 crew members.  ARISTA can also help you with servers and bartenders.  

Would you need electricity at the venue? The only reason we would need electricity is if the event runs past dark.  We will need a light source which can also be battery.  

What size of workspace does ARISTA need?  We typically create our own field kitchen and can do all of our work outside if necessary.

Does ARISTA provide ice?   If ARISTA is providing the beverage service, there is no additional charge for us to provide ice.  We can also provide ice for your event for an additional charge when we are not the bar or beverage service provider.    

Will the ARISTA staff be available for clean up after the event? The ARISTA team covered by labor cost will be focused on the preparation and display of your event's menu. If you would like ARISTA crew members to bus tables, clean up after guests and clean the venue at the end of the event, please work with your ARISTA catering representitve to arrange for the appropriate serving staff @ $20.00 - $25.00/hour with a minimum 5 hours.

Does the ARISTA team remove the trash from the venue? The ARISTA crew will remove all waste createdin the  preparation of your menu. If the venue requires you to remove all garbage from the property, your ARISTA catering consultant can arrange for that service for a fee.

With the ARISTA Pig Roast, Will the pig be on a turningand displayed while being cooked? ARISTA BBQ Catering  cooks the pig using a  tow roaster pit.   The pig will arrive on site partially cooked well before the desired serving time. While it finishes being roasted, it will be available for guest to photograph. Because the party is based on an exact serving time and it is such a large roast, we don't want to chance not having the pig completed on time  so par cooking works the best. 

Does ARISTA BBQ Catering service provide serving staff to stay on-site?  What about staff for setup and dlivery of china and buffet?  Can customers  pick-up orders at the ARISTA kitchen?

Consult with your ARISTA Catering consultant for all of these questions.  The answer is yes to all of them.  We will help you arrange the service style , based on your budget and theme.

ARISTA Staffing guidelines - Most events with serving staff require a 5-7 hour minimum. Each additional unscheduled hour, or portion thereof, will be billed at time and a half.

Buffet servers are charged at — $25/ hour (you will need 1 server per 25 guest)

Event Captain — $40/ hour (you will need one for parties with  60 guest or more)

Chef/Carver  —  $30/hour

Bartender  —  $25/hour

Grillmaster — $55/hour 

Pitmaster w/ largest smoker pit —$ 125/hour

Is ARISTA insured?

Yes, ARISTA can provide you or your venue manager a certificate of insurance with 48 hour advance notice.  For insurance details, please email your catering consultant.  

Should I opt for onsite cooking?

We highline recommend onsite bbq cooking if it is within your budget. The cost of an onsite pitmaster can make small parties prohibitively expensive.  Larger meats can take 10-12 hours to cook.  You may not want ARISTA's team around all day.   With smaller shorter cooked items, we won't need to be  hanging around all day and the process is much simpler.  The pitmaster and grill masters will cook and carve and then leave.  You can send the servers home when the event ends or you no longer need them.   

What are the logistics and requirements for you to provide a smoker for on-site cooking?

Be aware that our smoker pits are bulky, and occasionally difficult to get to the site and set up. With our low and slow bbq cooking method, barbecue can take a long time.  Usually the process requires delivering and setting up the smoker equipment  the day before the event, staying up all night cooking, and taking the smoker out the day after the event when it is safe to move.  Contact your ARISTA Catering bbq consultant to arrange the right smoker and delivery.

What is the minimum number of guests we required for  full service, on-site catering?

The minimum number is of course one person. Unfortunately,  the catering fees and pitmaster costs will far exceed what you want to pay. We customize each event.  Let us know what your plans are and we will prepare a quote for you.   

For our specialty of Whole Hog cooking display, we will need to visit your site before booking.  We specialize in presentation of Whole Hogs that will be the highlight of your event. Make sure to discuss your plans if they include the Whole Hog display.  3-4 weeks advance time is required.  


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